First Post

Sat 17 December 2016

Season’s greetings! I’ve decided to get an early start on my New Years resolution of writing a personal blog. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time and I’m glad that it is finally coming to fruition. In this blog I hope to document my personal projects and in turn find the motivation to work on them more assiduously. I often find myself talking about them with an imaginary audience, explaining my small decisions and boasting about my small successes, and this looks like a healthier and more useful application of my impulse to share and educate.

Besides my personal projects, I’m an avid learner and often succumb to reading textbooks on topics I find interesting. I will also try to share some of what I learn and have learned in the past, both as a way to organize my thoughts, to refresh my knowledge on certain topics and to have a place to refer back to when I need it. I’ll strive to keep these interesting for any reader but I can’t promise anything.

As far as my interests go, and what to expect from this blog, I’d say if you’re technology oriented I hope I have something to offer you. My background is mostly in Guidance, Navigation and Control and in System Identification and I hope to be able to make use of this extensively in future projects and perhaps more theoretical posts. While my degree is in Aerospace Engineering I am also very interested in robotics in general and I’d love to get to build a few fun things in the near future. Finally, I’m an adept participant in machine learning challenges (kaggle mostly) and I love statistics. One of my main motivations for starting this blog was being able to do post-mortems of my participations and share what I’ve learned during each competition.

In the immediate future I will be starting a project to get acquainted with Software Defined Radio by implementing a GPS receiver in software. I also want to participate in one or more of the following ongoing kaggle competitions: Two Sigma Financial Modeling Challenge, Dstl Satellite Imagery Feature Detection, The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring so you can expect a post-mortem in a couple month’s time.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve piqued your interest…

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